The campaign is not something related to luxury. PAWNA LAKE campaign is best if you are looking for the best experience as well as adventurous experiences with some thrilling adventures and a fun time. This provides the best campaign experience with an outdoor tent campaign experience.

You will undoubtedly adore and appreciate it whether you go with family, friends, kids, or on your own. It is the ideal campaign experience for everyone. These kinds of vacations are enjoyable and help relieve some of your daily tension. You will adore experiencing the local flora and animals, and the experience will be so wonderful that you won’t want to leave. You’ll feel liberated from your problems by sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee there, when the winds are frigid.

Surely after going back from here you will be having many memories with you that you will love to recall with your friends family, food, fresh air, and all the fun and full enjoyment that you did. Witnessing the sky there at night is the best experience. Both the views are the best whether it is the sunrise or the sunset.


Pawna lake in Campaign

Many tourists recommend and participate in the campaign in Pavana Lake. Anyone may do this, including a couple, friends, and family, and everyone will enjoy it. It is not only about the campaign it is about the weather also that be gets there and forgets everything like such a cold breeze and joyful weather. There are many other campsites which are located near or nearby pavan lake only where you can set your camp and enjoy your heart out with camp and the campfire.


One of the top tourist destinations close to Pawna Lake is Dinosaurs Park, which features a miniature Jurassic Park that spans a large area of six and a half acres. The park features 36 life-size mechanical dinosaur replicas. When you enter Dinosaurs Park, you have the impression that you are entering the Jurassic Park movie.


The panoramic view from there is very beautiful if you will look carefully at the perks and forts surrounding the river. You will get a perfect chance of capturing the beautiful view through the zip lining. Seeing the clouds from the top of the mountains is the best view. From Tikona fort you will see the best view of birds and can capture it.


Paragliding is one of the best activities of Pawna lake which you can’t even think about missing. The most experienced pilots use to take you on a ride with them. If you want an unforgettable experience then you should go for this.


Shindewadi in kamset is the place you can walk in Pawna lake and enjoy the cold windy air. The hills are above 200ft and you will love to see the sunset.

These hills are 2km above kamshet and is in the middle of the beauty of Pawna lake.


Going kondeshwar temple should always be on the list of what to do while going to Pawna lake. It is situated in a dense forest for going there you have to hike and that experience would be amazing. This is situated near a waterfall which not only looks good but the surroundings are also so good and calm.


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