BusinessSales Associate Resume Examples 2023

Sales Associate Resume Examples 2023


Specific vocabulary and writing tips

The vocabulary used in the seller’s resume should be as formal as possible, but this depends on the product you sell.

Products related to travel and entertainment can have less formal expressions, but remember that grammatical errors, as in any other resume or cover letter, are prohibited in the document.

In most cases, sellers deal with customers always, so prefer formal and cultured language to convey important interpersonal skills for the profession in your resume. Make a great Resume for yourself with the best Online Resume Builderr.

Salesperson resume ideas and advice

Sellers are found in virtually every market sector these days; they are responsible for selling the products and services of companies.

To become an ideal candidate for a selection process, your salesperson’s resume must show some essential features such as the ability to sell, self-motivation, persuasion, attention to detail, and teamwork.


Essential tasks listed in top salesperson resume examples are usually laid out in work experience, where the candidate can express their previous jobs and roles in descending chronological order.

This is the most traditional salesperson resume format. However, choosing a resume template that summarizes the identification of high-profile prospects or your core sales skills to impress recruiters is possible.

If you choose the second alternative, remember to make a professional summary with a short paragraph about your experience. Then, add bullet points with key clients or technical skills in the sector.


The salesperson has many roles, such as maintaining customer relationships, making cold calls, handling mail, closing sales, negotiating deals, promoting special offers, achieving goals, and participating in team meetings.

In this case, making a creative resume without problems is possible. Still, traditionally the salesperson’s resume design is classic, bringing your main achievements and numbers that make you the ideal candidate.

Use good formatting and classic fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma.


Generally, making a resume with a photo can be a mark against your candidacy.

Main sections

The resume should have the following sections:

-Personal data

-Professional experience

-Academic education



If necessary and relevant, you can also add some of these sections to your resume:



-Personal interests

-Volunteer work


Resume size

Those with 10 to 15 years of experience can add a second page.

Sections for Salesperson CV


Many skills are considered important for a position in the sales sector. That’s why including your key skills on your salesperson’s resume is essential to grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Without some basic skills and other interesting ones, recruiters will be able to direct your professional profile to the pile of unsuccessful candidates. So, here are 20 skills for a salesperson resume that will impress any HR:

-Great interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills

-Ability to work independently

-Possibility to work long periods, including during holidays and weekends

-Bilingual (some sales positions require mastery of other languages)

-Outgoing and friendly personality

-Can work effectively under pressure and with minimal supervision

-Highly organized and dedicated to the job

-Driven by goals and challenges

-Ability to contribute to the team

-Easily adaptable to changes and new ideas

-Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, plus internet

-Good at dealing with different types of people and profiles

-Ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time

-Education and politeness

-Ability to attract new customers

-Ability to make presentations to sales representatives and investors

-Knowledge of marketing and advertising

-Knowledge about financial products

-Creative, innovative, energetic with strong initiative

-Strong execution skills, thorough follow-up, and attention to detail

Professional experience

Surely you know what a salesperson does to put on a resume. However, the role of a salesperson goes much further depending on the area of ​​expertise.

A simple example is technical salespeople; for example, if you sell cleaning products to the food industry, you need a minimum understanding of current legislation in the food sector and how your potential customers’ production line works.

You may even need a production engineering, food technician, or other degrees.

The work experience section for a salesperson’s resume should be written after in-depth research of your potential employer. Include details of previous jobs and most important roles, and highlight technical activities if applicable. See the example below to inspire you.

XYZ Fashion Store, 2012-2017

City, State


Help with the administration of the store, receiving payments, and operating the cash register, in addition to keeping windows and counters free. Service to more than 50 daily customers with speed and agility, managing stocks and shelves and assisting in periodic inventories. Achievement of annual goals in every year of work. Provided prompt service and ensured customer satisfaction by reporting all issues to the store manager.


As mentioned earlier, some sales positions require a technical background. However, for most sales roles, at least a high school diploma is required. If this is the case, insert your education section after the work experience section.

However, if the position is for a technical salesperson, you must demonstrate your area of ​​expertise before any work experience. In this way, the recruiter identifies from the start that you have the specific requirements for the position.

Indicate the diploma, the institution where you studied, and the dates. If you have specialization courses in the area and MBAs, take the opportunity to enhance the document with these details that make all the difference.

If, despite the required education, you think it’s better to highlight your professional experience, create a goal or a short statement so that the recruiter doesn’t discard your resume for not finding your training immediately.


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