BusinessNorth Korea considers the United States' pledge of tanks...

North Korea considers the United States’ pledge of tanks to Ukraine an “unethical crime.”


North Korea has denounced the United States’ pledge of tanks to Ukraine as an “unethical crime.” The statement was released by North Korea’s foreign ministry on Monday, according to Reuters. This move comes after the United States and Ukraine agreed to provide weapons and training to the country’s military. The tanks are part of a larger package that includes intelligence support, combat vehicles, and ammunition. North Korea maintains close relations with Russia, and it is unclear what role Moscow will play in this conflict.

Sunday, January 29 (Reuters) – North Korea criticized the United States for a second day.

North Korea on Sunday criticized the United States for a second day, saying it was an “unethical crime” to pledge tanks to Ukraine.

A report in the North’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper said that the U.S. move showed its “undeclared war policy” and put Washington in league with nuclear-armed Japan and South Korea.
The paper said Washington’s moves aimed to create a world where only America would be able to rule.

On Saturday, the paper said the United States was pushing toward military dictatorship by expanding its troop deployment near Russia and China, as well as Vietnam and the Philippines.

Kwon Chung-keun, director of U.S. affairs, says Washington’s claims that North Korea gave arms to Russia are “groundless rumors” to justify its own military aid to Ukraine.

Kwon Chung-keun, director of U.S. affairs at the National Unification Administration of South Korea, said on Aug. 25 that Washington’s claims that North Korea gave arms to Russia are “groundless rumors.” Kwon said that this is because North Korea and Russia have no military ties and Pyongyang has never exported arms to Moscow. Kwon also expressed skepticism over the justification for the United States’ pledge of tanks to Ukraine, calling it an “unethical crime.”

The United States is putting in a lot of effort to provide Ukraine with offensive weapons like main battle tanks at any cost, ignoring the issue at hand.

The United States has been putting a lot of effort into providing Ukraine with offensive weapons, such as main battle tanks (MBTs). This decision has come despite the fact that the Ukraine conflict is not actually about them. The Ukrainian government is in conflict with separatists who are supported by Russia. Russia has long been accused of meddling in Ukraine’s affairs and backing the separatist groups.

USA officials have justified their decision by saying that the MBT can help to stabilize the region and deter Russian aggression. However, many experts believe that this move will only make things worse. They argue that supplying these tanks to Ukraine will only give Moscow another reason to interfere in the country. Furthermore, it will likely lead to more civilian casualties as both sides try to outdo each other with military equipment.


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