BusinessA Quick Guide To Fiber Optic Cables

A Quick Guide To Fiber Optic Cables


Technological advances have made the business world faster, more advanced, and more efficient. Furthermore, for every business, being equipped with these technologies is essential in order to progress and prosper in the competitive market. In this fast-paced life, businesses that use advanced equipment providing quick functions and efficient results have more chances to grow and prosper.

Fiber optics are one of the many technological inventions that have benefited the business world. Fiber optics has many advantages over copper wires. That is why apart from installing the latest applications, software, and up-to-date equipment, hiring the best fiber optic suppliers is equally important to have the fastest and the best network for the transmission of signals and information.

Here is a well-rounded guide to getting quick information on how these cables help in making your business successful and which industries can use them.

What Is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optic cables use light signals to transfer information. Copper wires have many limitations in transferring information and communicating. In contrast, the speed of fiber cable is 20 times higher than that of copper cable.

Benefits Of Fiber Optic Cables

Now that you know what fiber optics are and how they are different, let’s discuss the benefits of fiber optic cables.

1. Fast speed

The speed of fiber optic cable is way faster than copper cable. The highest speed of the copper cable is 5 5Mbps to 100 Gbps and fiber optic cable is much faster than that. In this fast-paced life, internet speed matters a lot in work progress and success. That is why fiber optics are the best option as it guarantees fast internet speed, thereby providing more efficiency in work.

2. Reliable connectivity

Fiber optics are much more reliable than copper ones. You cannot control the harsh weather conditions which abandon internet connectivity in case of using copper cables. However, fiber optics does not get affected by harsh weather. The electrical interference happens only if you physically put these cables out. So, your work progress will not get affected by harsh weather anymore as it does not damage data transmission.

3. Better signal strength

Another benefit of fiber optics over copper cable is signal strength. The internet signal of DSL and Ethernet cable also degrades as the user moves away. However, it is not the case with fiber optics. The signal speed of these cables does not degrade as quickly. So, fiber optics are perfect for big workspaces, so the work progress of the department located at the distance from the telecommunication room doesn’t get affected.

4. Higher bandwidth

Another advantage of fiber optics over copper cable and other cables is that it has higher bandwidth. So, no restrictions for data transmission owing to the higher bandwidth of fiber optic cables.

5. Eliminate latency issues

Latency refers to the delays users face while processing data over the internet. Compared to normal cable, users face no latency issues with fiber optics. So, it’s easy to download videos or high-definition content with fiber optics which leads to better employee performance, better voice quality, and uploading huge files without abruption.

6. Higher security

With the advancement in technology, now there are easier and faster ways of data breaching requiring more security. Breaking data from cable internet is relatively easy. However, the only way to get data from fiber optics is to cut them which causes the signal to disappear, thereby protecting the data.

Disadvantages Of Fiber Optic Cables

Every technology has some disadvantages as well but the good one takes over the drawbacks with the unlimited advantages it offers. As we have discussed some of the benefits of fiber optic cables, let’s discuss the disadvantages it has.

1. Fragility

Due to the fact that fiber optics are made of glass, they can break if bent too much which makes them more fragile than their copper counterparts.

2. Expensive

Fiber optic cable costs more to produce which is why it is more expensive than other cables. The installation is expensive owing to the special testing equipment required.

3. Difficult to Install

As mentioned above, fiber optic cables are fragile and can get broken if not handled with care. That is why the installation of these cables is difficult. Always get help from technical experts and contact with best PDU suppliers in Dubai and near you.

The Takeaway

In all, fiber optic cables are the best alternative to copper cables and other internet cables. It is more expensive than other cables but helps you save money in the long run by increasing work productivity.


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